Crane Cab Air Conditioning Unit

Structure of Crane Cab Air Conditioning Unit
1. This crane cab air conditioning unit consists of the conditioning unit, power supply, communication cable, the indoor air supply mode conversion components(underbed,return air duct, return air flange);
2. There are rich subtypes of this crane cab air conditioner available for customers, such as the integrated type, split type, ceiling type aircon, ceiling mounted aircon and wall mounted type aircon;
3. Based on our years' experience, we could provide custom crane cab air conditioning unit as well as quality components to customers, satisfying their specific needs;

Properties of Crane Cab Air Conditioning Unit
1. This reliable industrial air conditioner could operate smoothly under a condition where the temperature is no higher than 80 ℃, effectively improving the working condition of your workshops;
2. This industrial crane aircon is equipped with such main components as scroll compressor and imported electrical elements which perfectly ensure smooth operations of its condenser and evaporator under harsh conditions;
3. Designed with advanced refrigeration technology introduced from Germany, this crane cab A/C equipment enjoys highly reliable performance;
4. We could provide to customers industrial conditioning equipment that adopts such heat-resistant and environment-friendly refrigerants as R142b and R12;
5. Its user-friendly operating system and advanced refrigeration mode makes the operation more easier for operators and ensure the equipment to be anti-shock, heat-resistant and automatic dust-proof;
6. We could provide to customers customized HVAC equipment of this type whose detailed design and components could be adjusted according to your specific requirements, such as the integrated crane cab aircon, integrated crane cab aircon, ceiling-mounted crane cab aircon and wall-mounted aircon;
7. We could provide to you mounting racks which make installation much easier as long as your bring forward this requirement before your ordering.

Functions and Application of Crane Cab Air Conditioning Unit
1. This crane cab air conditioner HICON provides to you is a specially designed air conditioning apparatus geared to industrial productions. It could be widely used in such industries as metallurgy, steel, and coking where high temperature services are needed;
2. This specially designed industrial air conditioner is quite applicable to the cab and electric apparatus room where temperatures are quite high and harsh for workers for it could provide cooled air in a reliable way. Enjoying rich optional structures, designs, reliable performance and pleasant appearances, this air conditioning equipment could operate smoothly in such extremely harsh conditions as high temperature, strong vibration, coal gas and other corrosive gases and protect operators inside by absorbing those gases;
3. This special air conditioner, highly resistant to heat and vibration, is a leading equipment within the domestic market and also competitive in the international market;
4. This aircon is also dustproof and maintenance-free;
5. It enjoys high heat transfer efficiency and great resistance to corrosion;
6. The high and low voltage components are connected by the imported thermoplastic capillary tubes. Meanwhile, the compressor is attached with a vibration absorber tube besides its outlet to keep the stability of the equipment during operation.

Advantages of Crane Cab Air Conditioning Unit
This industrial crane cab aircon HICON provides to you is a specially designed equipment especially for the heavy industries such as the steel industry, coking industry and aluminum metallurgy industry which are known for their harsh working conditions for both workers and equipment. To be more specific, features of the above production places lie in:
1) high temperature above 50℃;
2) high heat radiation and strong air ventilation;
3) of heavy dust, corrosive and noxious gases;
4) harsh noise;
5) narrow operating space and strong vibration.

Usually, such harsh conditions defy the common aircons which could hardly operate smoothly in harsh environment nor protect the operators from noxious gas and dust. Moreover, the strong vibration would lead to leakage of the refrigerants. Given this fact, the common AC equipment for civil use could never satisfy the customers from those heave industries. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of professional air conditioning unit, HICON has developed this advanced crane cab air conditioning equipment to assistant the production of heavy industries. It could be successfully applied in those conditions for the following excellent functions and properties:

1) Filtration function which effectively protects operators from dust and noxious gases;
2)Reliable air conditioning performance;
3)Dehumidifying function;
4)Even heating function(available);
6)High mechanical endurance for it is equipped with stainless steel panel and copper fin heat exchanger.

  • Workshop of Coking Industry
  • Operation Cabinet of Steel Industry
  • High-Pressure Electric Cabin
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