Industrial Air Conditioner

HICON is a reliable Chinese manufacturer and supplier specialized in the R&D and manufacture of industrial air conditioners. Based on our advanced technologies and years' experience, our company could provide quality air conditioning units for multiple industries such as the machinery manufacturing industry, steel industry, chemical industrial, pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry as well as various public and commercial occasions like hotel, club house, restaurant, shopping mall and so on.

Now, the major industrial air conditioners we provide to you include the following ones: high temperature air conditioning unit, water cooled packaged air conditioning unit, air conditioning unit for computer room, low temperature water cooled chiller, electrical chiller, aircon unit for railway stations and etc. Thanks to their rich types, wide-range cooling capacity and reliable performances, the above industrial air conditioners have successfully served multiple industries and gained reputation from our customers. For more information about the equipment, please see the linked web pages. If you are interested in our products or our company, please contact us directly. We are waiting for cooperation with you.