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HYKN Series Multifunction Swimming Pool Heat Pump

R22 24.5÷195kW
R407C 25.0÷200.0kW

Features of Multifunction Swimming Pool Heat Pump
1. This multifunction swimming pool heat pump is an efficient and energy saving apparatus designed for indoor swimming pool;
2. This commercial heat pump unit enjoys an excellent dehumidification function, keeping a indoor environment cool and genial;
3. It could heat the room and keep the indoor temperature at a proper level;
4. This multifunction screw type aircon could heat the pool water and keep it at the required temperature;
5. Equipped with a double-layer panel which is stuffed with Polyurethane foams, this household heat pump unit could run with much lower noise and effectively avoid cold bridge. Its metal panels are treated by electrostatic spray, quite resistant to corrosion and rusts;
6.This air cooled heat pump equipment could keep the indoor air fresh and wholesome by its sound ventilation function;
7. The water side heat exchanger of this multifunction water pool heat pump is made of titanium, ensuring the water to be innoxious to swimmers;
8. Since its compressor and electrical control box are both mounted within the indoor unit, this screw type heat pump is easy to maintain and inspect;
9. Equipped with advanced noise suppression devices, it could run smoothly without making much noise;
10. The Carl controller of this multifunction swimming pool heat pump ensures smooth and reliable operations of this heat pump.

Model of indoor unit HYKN-15E HYKN-20E HYKN-25E HYKN-30E HYKN-40E HYKN-50E HYKN-60E HYKN-80E HYKN-100E HYKN-120E
Heating capacity/cooling capacity
(ambient temp. 29℃, water temp. 28℃)
Heating capacity-29kW Heating capacity-38kW Heating capacity-45kW Heating capacity-58kW Heating capacity-76kW Heating capacity-90kW Heating capacity-126.9kW Heating capacity-169.3kW Heating capacity-212.9kW Heating capacity-255kW
Cooling capacity-24.5kW Cooling capacity-32kW Cooling capacity-38kW Cooling capacity-49kW Cooling capacity-64kW Cooling capacity-78kW Cooling capacity-96.3kW Cooling capacity-130kW Cooling capacity-162.8kW Cooling capacity-195kW
Net dehumidification capacity 16.3kg 21.1kg 25.2kg 32.4kg 40kg 50kg 59.8kg 80.8kg 101.9kg 121.5kg
Standard air volume(m3/h): 3600 4800 6000 7500 9600 12000 14600 19500 23300 27000
Fan quantity 2
Standard air pressure 250Pa
Motor fan Centrifugal type
Power supply of motor fan 380V/3PH /50Hz
Standard fan power 1.5kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 2.2kW 3.0kW 4.4kW 4.4kW 6.0kW 8.0kW 8.0kW
Compressor quantity 1 2
compressor Flexible scroll type
Refrigerant of compressor R22(R407C)
Compressor power 5.9kW 7.4kW 8.9kW 5.9*2kW 7.4*2kW 8.9*2kW 11.2*2kW 15.2*2kW 19.3*2kW 23*2kW
Heat exchanger Titanium tube + PVC shell
Pressure difference between the inlet water and outlet water 0.03MPa
Maximum working pressure for the heat exchanger 0.4MPa
Highest outlet water temp. 40℃
Water flow(m3/h) 5 6.6 7.8 10 13.2 15.6 22 29 37 44
Connection pipe diameter 40mm 40mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 65mm 80mm 80mm
Air filter G4filter
Exhaust air rate(m3/h) 1100 1500 1800 2400 2900 4000 5000 6400 7200 8000
Operation power of exhaust fan 0.18kW 0.18kW 0.25kW 0.37kW 0.37kW 0.45kW 1.1kW 1.1kW 1.5kW 1.8kW
Electrical heating(optional) 4.5kW 6kW 7kW 9kW 11kW 13.5kW 20kW 25kW 30kW 37kW
Model of outdoor unit HYKW-15E HYKW-20E HYKW-25E HYKW-30E HYKW-40E HYKW-50E HYKW-60E HYKW-80E HYKW-100E HYKW-120E
Air volume of condenser(m3/h) 8000 10000 12000 16000 20000 24000 38000 52000 60000 72000
Condenser quantity 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 6
Air pressure of condenser 75Pa
Fan of condenser Axial-flow type
Fan power 0.68kW 0.68kW 0.68kW 0.68kW*2 0.68kW*2 0.68kW*2 2.0kW 3.0kW 4.0kW 6.0kW
Connection pipes between the condenser and refrigerant 3/4in Air pipe 3/4in Air pipe 3/4in Air pipe 3/4in Air pipe*2 3/4in Air pipe*2 3/4in Air pipe*2 1-1/8in Air pipe*2 1-1/8in Air pipe*2 1-3/8in Air pipe*2 1-3/8in Air pipe*2
5/8in Liquid pipe 5/8in Liquid pipe 5/8in Liquid pipe 5/8in Liquid pipe*2 5/8in Liquid pipe*2 5/8in Liquid pipe*2 3/4in Liquid pipe*2 3/4in Liquid pipe*2 7/8in Liquid pipe*2 7/8in Liquid pipe*2
Boundary dimensions of the ondenser Length=815 Length=845 Length=845 Length=1880 Length=1940 Length=1940 Length=3200 Length=4200 Length=5200 Length=6400
Width=815 Width=845 Width=845 Width=815 Width=845 Width=845 Width=800 Width=800 Width=800 Width=800
Height=1160 Height=1160 Height=1160 Height=1250 Height=1250 Height=1250 Height=1565 Height=1565 Height=1565 Height=1565
Condenser weight 180kg 200kg 210kg 360kg 400kg 420kg 480kg 620kg 800kg 960kg
Power supply of the heat pump 380V/3PH /50Hz
Operation power/current of the heat pump 8.79kW/14.8A 11.5kW/19.4A 13.6kW/22.9A 17.5kW/29.6A 23.0kW/38.8A 27.2kW/51.7A 36.2kW/68.8A 47.4kW/90.1A 61.0kW/116A 70.6kW/134A
Boundary dimension of the heat pump (mm) Length=2800 Length=2800 Length=3200 Length=3600 Length=3800 Length=4000 Length=4600 Length=4800 Length=5600 Length=6600
Width=1200 Width=1200 Width=1350 Width=1450 Width=1650 Width=1650 Width=2000 Width=2000 Width=2300 Width=2300
Height=1250 Height=1250 Height=1350 Height=1450 Height=1610 Height=1610 Height=1850 Height=1850 Height=2180 Height=2180
Heat pump weight 1400kg 1500kg 1600kg 1800kg 2000kg 2800kg 3000kg 3300kg 3600kg 4000kg
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