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Mr. Shawn Luan (Manager)

HICON has been sticking to its enterprise principle that quality product and considerate services come first. Apart from such reliable advanced air conditioning equipment as the high/low temperature aircons, air/water cooled chiller units and marine aircons, our company has been trusted by our customers for our premium services as well. Based on our systemic after-sale network and a professional and dedicated staff, we now provide the following services.

1. Maintenance Service
In order to ensue the aircon unit we provide to you to operate smoothly, we will regularly send our technicists to your company and inspect and maintain your equipment, lowing the risk of accident failure or breakdown which might result in inconvenience and economic loss. We could also help optimize your air conditioning system, helping you reduce unnecessary spendings. If necessary, we can provide to you an annual maintenance service which contains such items as regular inspections (monthly and annually), emergent maintenance, property tests and replacement of wear parts;

2. Supply of Components
We could provide quality and reliable original parts to you, ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment. Our company will directly distribute parts to each branch or service outlets, shortening the delivery time and satisfying customer's needs for quick supply and replacement;

3. Maintenance Service
We could help our customers to inspect their equipment, bring forward advice for them, and provide necessary maintenance services. The entire service are conducted by our senior technicians in a short time and the parts we use are all originals ones which ensure your equipment to run smoothly as before. Therefore, we could promise to get your equipment back to work as soon as possible, reducing the loss caused by breakdown;

4. Free Training Courses
To help our customer to operate their equipment in a right way, we provide a free training course to their workers such as the manger and controller. The training includes teachings of the basic knowledge about aircons' operation and maintenance. Besides the first debugging service, we will provide a free on-site training about the operation of aircons. Additionally, regular training courses are offered to our customers to help operators to operate the equipment dexterously;

5. Value-added Service
Besides the above services, we also provide customers an all-round value-added service. Through this service, you will receive scientific improvement solutions for your equipment from our professional team. Our solutions provided to you will help you reduce energy consumption and make your equipment operate more efficiently. For example, we will suggest you to clan the cooper tube of condenser and heat exchanger or replace the water pump, motor bearings of cooling tower, transmission belt, fillers or other parts if necessary;

6. System Improvement Service
If your air conditioning equipment has been serving you for a long time, the maintenance cost might be burdensome for you since the maintenance time is too longer and the system is no long reliable as before. At this moment, you need to take measures to promote its properties with the help of our professional team. We will bring forward a comprehensive plan according to the situation of your equipment, advising you to replace some key components or revise the design of some units. For example, we will replace the air cooled chiller unit with water cooled chiller unit and equip it with condensate pump and cooling tower, reducing the energy consumption of your aircon system.